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Billy Graham Community Life Center building in the afternoon.

Graduate Studies Application Form

Apply here for Graduate Studies at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul.

This e-mail address will be used to send official communications from UNW during the enrollment process.

Previous College Education

Please list the institution where you earned your bachelor's degree and the name
of any institution(s) where you have earned graduate credit.

Financial Information

If yes, please enter his or her name. If no, leave both fields blank.


Ethnicity and Race

These questions comply with the U.S. Department of Education's standards for
ethnic and racial data collection. Providing the information below is voluntary
and will not be used in a discriminatory manner.

Check all that apply.

Personal Faith Statement

Do you currently have information posted in any public domain
(websites, blogs, etc.) that would contradict anything in the
Declaration of Christian Community or anything you are including
in this application?


Please provide two names and email addresses we can contact to fill out a recommendation
form on your behalf. Graduate program recommendation forms must be completed by
individuals who can attest to the intellectual ability, professional competence and leadership
ability of the applicant. Only professional or academic references will be considered; personal
references are not acceptable.

First Essay

Please write a 500-word essay that tells about your daily walk with Christ and
describes your personal and professional goals.

Second Essay

Write an essay that analyzes a relevant issue that you find compelling in your chosen field of
study. Incorporate research and utilize appropriate citation to support your perspective and to
demonstrate your ability to write at a graduate level (maximum of 1,200 words, typed, double-
spaced, and 11 or 12-point font). You may utilize previous academic writing as long as it fits
the criteria for this essay. Your essay will be evaluated for content and academic quality.

Applicant Signature

By checking the box below I affirm that I have read the Declaration of Christian Community.
If I am accepted and subsequently enroll as a student, I will gladly adhere to its
spirit and standards and will seek to be a positive, active member of the University
of Northwestern - St. Paul community.

I affirm that all information contained in this application, including any attached
documentation containing personal information I have provided, is accurate,
complete and honestly presented. I affirm I have accurately represented my
previous academic experience.

Applicants who demonstrate potential to positively influence the Northwestern
community will be shown preference in the admission process. The Admission
Committee reserves the right to assess all application materials for this purpose.

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